Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Bluetooth Audio Music Streaming
Features of your vehicle / Bluetooth phone operation (if equipped) / Bluetooth Audio Music Streaming

The audio system supports Bluetooth A2DP (Audio Advanced Distribution Profile) and AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Profile) technologies. Both profiles provide steaming of music via compatible PAIRED Bluetooth Cellular phone.

To stream music from the Bluetooth cellular phone, play your music files on your cellular phone according to your cellular phone users manual and press the CD/AUX button on the audio system until MP3 play is displayed on the LCD.

The audio system head unit displays MP3 MODE.


  • In addition to streaming MP3 files, all music and sound files your cellular phone supports can be played by the audio system.
  • Bluetooth compatible cellular phones must include A2DP and AVRCP capabilities.
  • Some A2DP and AVRCP compatible Bluetooth cellular phones may not play music through the audio system initially. These cellular phones may need to have the Bluetooth streaming enabled, for example; i.e : Menu➟Filemanager➟Music➟ Option➟Play via Bluetooth
  • Please refer to Users Guide for your cellular phone for more information. To cancel Bluetooth cellular phone music streaming, stop music playback on the cellular phone or change the audio mode to AM/FM, XM, CD, iPod, ect.

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